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Types of Poker

Poker is a multi-billion dollar industry, with around 100 million people worldwide playing the game. And really, that is no surprise. Poker has a degree of complexity, skill, and variety in which few other games can compare – and there are enough variations of poker to keep you entertained for hours. There are so many more pore variations nowadays that players can choose to play whether at physical casinos or at poker malaysia

  • Texas Hold’em

No type of poker is as popular today as Texas hold’em – it’s the flagbearer of the industry and a game that has helped poker crossover from favorite gambling to global phenomenon. Millions of people around the world are playing Texas hold’em and the best players are able to make millions out of the game , making it the first variant you can try.


Oker Hall of Famer, famously said Mike Sexton, “Poker takes five minutes to learn but to master a lifetime” – and he’s not wrong. All a beginner needs to learn is that you need to make the best possible five-card hand, from both their two cards as well as the five group ones, that there are ten variations in the hand ranking of poker, and then how the action plays out – as I describe below.


Through Texas hold’em players are dealt two face-down cards. Two of the table players post their blinds (small and big) and any players acting in front of them (to the dealer’s left) have the opportunity to bet – the blinds can then call, raise, or fold. If, after all bets have been taken, at least two players are still in the game then three group cards are dealt. Betting play then continues on in the same way, with a limit of two more group cards being dealt. The winner is determined in one of two ways: whoever has the best hand or whoever can make the other players fold their hands

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  • Seven-Card Stud

Although Texas hold’em is the first poker game you should try, it’s far from being the only one you should play — seven-card stud should be next on your list. It’s one of the other poker families’ most common game-stud, a form of game that sees players dealing face-up and face-down cards. The aim of the game is to make the best five-card hand out of a total of seven, using the conventional hand ranking – royal flush is the worst, the best and highest. Although this can sound difficult to learn, playing is much easier than you may imagine – as you’ll see.

Every player has to pay in the pot an ante before the game can start. Then the seven-card stud starts with three cards being dealt to each player-two face-down (the hole cards) and one face-up (the door cards). There are then five betting rounds, and the potential acts at each stage are: call, lift, fold.


  • Five-Card Draw

Many gamblers find draw poker to be the hardest to master of the various styles and variants of poker – definitely, this writer found it the most difficult. Why? Why? Since players must have the option to replace their cards by drawing new ones, introducing a degree of decision taking that is not present in group or stud poker. Five-card draw is the most common draw variant and is the variation that you need to play.

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