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5 Tips for a Successful Twitter Even Promotion


Twitter is the best platform event services for sharing information – people use Twitter for the latest live news, engaging content and updates. It is only natural that you leverage on this amazing social platform to ensure that you get the word out to the world.

Why use Twitter?

The 330 million Twitter users globally look up Twitter to check trending topics and live updates and news. Both young and old utilize Twitter which results in hundreds of millions of tweets every day. Because of the proven expanse of potential reach of Twitter, it is ideal to utilize this news sharing platform to get the news about your event out there. Late 2017, an average of 830 events has been live-streamed in Twitter, where Tweets with videos were retweeted six times more than those with photos. The global reach of Twitter can provide you with massive amounts of engagement which will increase sales and awareness.

1.Create excitement using Pre-event Strategies

Months before your event, you should build up excitement and anticipation as this is an important strategy that can create buzz. This is the time to share to people what they can get out of your event and why they should attend. Meet with your team to develop an effective strategy for your pre-event promotions as this will boost awareness to your event and increase ticket sales. Create videos and designs that would entice your viewers to both register and retweet your post. Utilize interviews with influencers to spread the word about your event. Aim to get more retweets as this will increase your reach exponentially.

2.Creating the perfect Hashtag

Create a perfect hashtag to increase the chances that your event will become a trending topic soar. Keep your hashtag easy to remember, short, relevant to your event and fun. Your event hashtag will be used before, during and after your event so make sure it is simple yet sweet and that it will stand out.

3.Choose the right person to handle your event Twitter

You can utilize the company Twitter or create a separate account for your event. Then assign someone who is outgoing and is adept at social media to handle your Twitter account and cover all aspects of the event. They will be responsible to give a chance to those that cannot attend your event feel like they were a part of it. Instruct them to use behind the scenes content, live photos, live streaming and video interviews. They should also be able to reply to tweets as fast as they can to keep your followers engaged. Create a plan for the person handling this task to make it easier. They can ask the speaker for a short interview about the outline of the topic after they
get off stage. Keep everyone engaged using your tweets by sharing photos, videos and
real time content.

4.Getting everyone involved

Collaborate and encourage your team, vendors, sponsors, speakers, attendees, volunteers and staff, basically everyone involved, to live tweet the event. Offer incentives like tickets to a movie for your team with the most tweets, exposure and promotion for your sponsors and vendors in exchange for
doing the same as well.

5.Enlist social media influencers

Getting social media influencers to promote your event on Twitter is a great way to maximize your reach. Enlisting influencers has become a great marketing strategy that increases awareness to brands and drive sales.Consider including in your budget partnering with social media influencers who are relevant to your industry that can help with your event.Event marketing has adapted to using social media platforms to promote their events, and Twitter is just the right tool for the job. Just remember to: Build up excitement and anticipation before the event, get that perfect hashtag going, assign the right person to handle your Twitter event account, get everyone involved engaged and enlist social media influencers.


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