7 Google News Tips to Help Increase Your Site Ranking, Visibility, and Traffic

Back in the day, we would have to go out and buy newspapers or have them delivered right to our doorsteps. We would typically look at the front page and see if there are any topics that piqued our interest or we would just browse through the pages for such content.

However, that is pretty tedious to do so and paper is not exactly something that is easy to manipulate, especially when you’re reading small texts.

However, everything can be found on the internet these days, we pretty much use the internet as our medium to know more news about the current happenings in our area and in the world which is all at the edge of our fingertips.

That being said, Google News has become a pretty good platform for relevant news. It aggregates different stories similar to how newspapers present their content. Google news has become so popular that many online marketing services have made it their goal to get linked to the top of Google’s results page.

Remember, Google doesn’t actually create the news, per se, they just put links to content that you might like that are part of the world’s current happenings.

So, if you want Google to link your website in their Google News platform, here are some tips:

1.Create New and Unique Content

Here’s the problem with the typical news that we see: most of the information is just regurgitated at best. So, to make yourself relevant while still creating unique content, you have to publish something “new” and most importantly reliable.

Do not just post news for the sake of it; publish something that is of value to the readers. If you do, Google will most likely link your site to their news platform without a second thought.

2.Learn How to Forecast

There are certain news that you can almost always predict with relative accuracy. For instance, if it is a developing story, you might know exactly where it is headed. Staying on top of things will make sure that you create content that is pretty much new and you will get ahead of others who do not know how to forecast effectively.

3.Update Regularly

One SEO strategy that people employ is to upload new and relevant content on a regular basis. It could be once or twice a week, but if you’re going to make news articles, it would be great if you could update daily.

4.Publish Fast

People want news as quickly as possible. Therefore, you have to make sure that you create news articles much faster than anyone else. Just remember to post relevant and accurate articles. If you’re going to publish content without verifying some of the information contained in it, then you’re most likely not going to be linked to the site again.

5.Use Specific Information

If you specify the things that are in your article like making use of Proper nouns or using specific details, then you’re most likely going to grab Google’s attention. This will involve some investigative journalism, but if you’re a news site that gives relatively accurate information, it increases your trust value not only to Google and other search sites, but also to your readers as well.

6.Improve Click-Through Rate

If you want people to click on your site more than others, then you have to carefully employ a mix of good headlines, enticing meta descriptions, and compelling content. It would also help if you add relevant images or even videos in your article for better CTR rates.

7.Stay True to Your Brand

When you offer news, you’re pretty much operating under a brand. Stay true to your values and only deliver content that provides actual and relevant news. Do not publish articles just for the sake of it; post content that truly makes your brand stand out.

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