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Easiest Way For Delicious King Crab Legs

Baked Alaska King Crab Legs

King Crab is well known worldwide for its enormous size and also for its legs! The long yet packed legs are so full of meat, with a hint of sweet, and suitable for holidays, special events or even dinner. It is kinda hard to preserve the meaty, sweet and juicy king crab legs if it’s cooked in the wrong way. Here is the best king crab recipe for you, to keep all of the juice inside the legs to ensure a scrumptious meal. King crab legs are very delicious and will make your mouth watery every time you see it !

Cook King Crab Legs by Yourself

Not a chef? Worry not since this recipe is very easy to make, and you should be able to cook those crab legs at home. If you buy it on stores that sell seafood online, they are often sold as crab legs; pre-cooked and frozen. Now that you have the legs, you are going to need a recipe that enhances all of the flavors hiding inside the crab. It is an agreement to almost anyone to just boil or steam them, and just simply serve it with a side of melted butter. However, Those two ways of cooking crab legs is not the best way to cook king crab because it destroys the natural, meaty and sweet flavors of the crab. I suggest putting the legs in the oven, setting it at a high heat brings out the mouthwatering aroma of the crab. It also roast the crab meat, helping to remove excessive water stored in the crab legs. A simple lemon butter brings out the sweet flavors of the crab meat, while enhancing the flavors.


  • Frozen crabs area little salty so avoid using too much salt while seasoning the legs
  • Cut the king crab legs into shorter pieces because it will be easier to eat. The shorter segments are also great for children since it will be easier to remove the shells.
  • For the best oven baked flavors, make sure to cut open the top part of the shell. This will expose the crab meat for the oven to roast it to golden crisp. While it also allows the butter to sip inside the crab legs making it even juicier.
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