How to Choose the Right Milk Bottle for Your Little One

Shopping for your baby is, no doubt, one of the most enjoyable parenting activities. Plenty of parents love buying cute baby clothes and baby milk bottles in Malaysia for their little one. Milk bottles are crucial accessories that can aid the entire breastfeeding process. Whether you are breast feeding or using baby formula milk, a bottle is an important baby care item to have.

Practical techniques in selecting baby milk bottles

  1. It should be easy to assemble, clean and maintain. You should also think about your own comfort, not just your baby’s. Consider buying quick sterilizing solutions and disposable liners.
  2. Your little one must like it.
  3. Select 150ml bottles for your child. Eventually, you can move on to 250ml bottle, as the baby’s appetite increases.
  4. Select milk bottles which are of the same brand as the breast pump you are using. This will help you get milk straight into it. Feeding, heating and storing in the same exact bottle reduces chances of infection to infants.
  5. Baby milk bottles with wide necks are a lot easier to clean.
  6. Pick a baby milk bottle with an anti-colic system.
  7. Pick milk bottles with clear measurement markings. This is important since they will tell you how much milk you are giving to your baby.
  8. Watch out for those bottles that can be converted into sippers as the baby grows. Remember, familiarity improves comfort level in kids. A convenient transition from milk bottles to sippers can make weaning easier.

Selecting the best bottle nipples

  • Always begin with nipples with a much slower flow.
  • Those vented nipples with anti-colic systems are better choices since they lessen the level of discomfort, as well as unwanted colic and gas. Vents provide a much better air circulation, preventing vacuum formation, and teat collapse.
  • Pick those nipples which are developed and designed to function closest to a mom’s nipple. A nipple based on this principle can lessen the chances of nipple confusion.

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