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How to Choose the Right Watch Strap Style for You?

Men’s watches in Malaysia – It is not only important to choose the right watch for the occasion but it is also equally important to choose the right watch strap as well.

The right watch strap is one that will not only look good on you but it is also comfortable for you to wear. Wearing a watch strap can make or break your style so it is important that you get the most ideal for your situation.

Always Respect the Nature of the Watch

Although you pretty much have the freedom to choose whatever watch strap you like, there is a reason why the watches that you see on the market came with the straps that they’re built with.

You see, not all watch straps are going to be compatible (in terms of style and looks) with the watch that you are going to buy.

Dive Watches

– For dive watches, you want to use either a braided person, isofrane, or tropic rubber or you can go with the conventional stainless steel. There is a reason why dive watches do not come with leather or nato straps because you are mostly going to use them underwater!

2 Elegant/Dress Watches

– For Dress Watches, ideally, you want to go for a calfskin leather that will accentuate your watch’s case. Just make sure that you do not choose the rugged straps so as to not diminish the overall appeal of your watch.

Military/Chronograph Watches

– You can go for a rubber or resin strap for Chronograph or Military watches but you can also use nylon or NATO straps as well.

Wear a Watch Based on Your Outfit

Remember that a watch can be used as an accessory that will help improve your outfit of the day. Here are some tips:

1) Match the watch’s strap with the color of your belt and shoes. Even if you are just going outside on a casual affair or if you are in a formal event, people will not if you have a good sense of style if you match your watch’s strap with the other accessories that you are wearing

2) If you have an understated watch strap color, it is imperative that you go for outfits that have a bit of an artistic touch. This is so that it can still help you standout without the watch being too ‘in your face’.

3) You obviously do not want to match a formal suit with a diver’s watch, right? It is also not a good idea to wear a dress watch if you are going to go fishing or diving. In other words, wear an appropriate watch for the occasion.

4) Look at the make and finish of your watch strap. If you opt for a leather strap, for example, look at the stitching and the dye that is used. Then, you can mix and match them with the outfits you are wearing to find the perfect match!

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