How to Start a Wedding Planning Business: 5 Helpful Tips

  1. Startup costs

The startup costs of a wedding planning business it not really that expensive. An independent consultant like you can start with a simple kitchen table. For now, there is no need to rent a big office space. There will be some up-front costs, though. You need to hire a lawyer for some legal work, and then purchase some office and marketing supplies.

2. Portfolio

This is your ticket to a successful wedding planning career. Prove to your potential clients that you are talented by showing them your online event planning portfolio. Show them that you are familiar with the latest wedding trends. You can set up a mock wedding, including the wedding cake, decorations and reception table. Including sample wedding timelines and professional memberships would also help.

3. Business goals

You are now officially your own boss, so you need to set all of your business goals yourself. This will keep your brand and your business right on track. Make sure that those business goals align well with your personal goals.

4. Marketing your business

Small business owners spend around 25% of their time promoting their companies. This takes doesn’t need to be time consuming or expensive. Aside from creating your own website, you can make your own Facebook business page, and Pinterest inspiration boards.

Apart from exploring paid advertising and other traditional marketing options, you can also connect with other professionals in the field. Why not pay a visit at the new bridal shop in Kuala Lumpur? Connecting with possible suppliers would be useful at this point.

5. Landing your first clients

Getting your first ever client is your first achievement in this business. To get clients, think of different strategies that might work for you. Send out direct mails to couples who just got engaged. Talk to couples who you think are about to get married. Offer your wedding planning services at a discounted rate.

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